As a PE, a typical day for you might include troubleshooting problems, design work, or managing a project. What is probably not at the top of your list of responsibilities is to monitor threats to your license.

Policymakers on both sides of the political spectrum are considering options to dramatically weaken and even eliminate occupational licensure requirements. Since the start of 2016, 21 states have introduced legislation and/or regulations that would erode and even destroy PE licensure as we know it today.

Protecting the PE License

Just last week, at the last minute and without any advanced warning, a bill in the Nevada legislature (A.B. 353) that would erode occupational licensure in the state was scheduled for consideration the next morning. National and state leaders immediately went in to action, preparing a response to the proposal, including filing a joint letter of opposition before the deadline, which was 5:00 PM that day. As a result of NSPE’s timely and forceful intervention, in writing and working behind the scenes with our network of national and local licensing contacts, the bill was dropped from the legislative committee’s agenda the next day.

Your membership supports an integrated network of state and national advocates that champions the PE license nationwide and actively defends threats to it.

April 2017 Threats to Professional Licensure Map

Ways You Can Protect the PE LicenseĀ 

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