Why Continuing Professional Education Matters

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What Is Continuing Professional Education?

If you are just beginning your journey into an engineering profession, you may be surprised to learn that you are required to obtain continuing professional competency (CPC) credits, otherwise known as continuing professional education credits, throughout your career.  You may be even more surprised to learn that many industries, not just engineering, have similar CPC requirements.  Some people may see this as a nuisance and wonder why they need to continue educating themselves after going through the formal education system.  Why is this continuing education process necessary?

The answer is simple.  Industries are always changing.  Therefore, engineering professionals must adapt to new technologies, developments, skills, and regulations within their fields in real-time.  Staying current on your industry is a must.  You would not hire a lawyer that wasn’t up to speed on the newest legislature and laws.   You also wouldn’t go to a surgeon that didn’t know about the newest advancements in medicine and surgical equipment.   As an engineer, it is crucial to be aware of the ever changing landscape of your job.  That is why continuing education is mandated across the field.


New Jersey CPC Requirements

In the state of New Jersey, licensed engineers are required to complete 24 hours of continuing professional education every 2 years.  Professional organizations and associations, such as NJSPE, understand the value and importance of earning these credits.  These organizations often offer many opportunities for engineers to fulfill this requirement at their convenience.  The point of CPC hours is not to be burdensome.  Rather, CPC hours enhance the skills and knowledge of each engineer, which helps to advance the entire industry as a result.  This is an ideal that rests at the core of NJSPE.


How Can NJSPE Help Me Obtain CPC Credits?

Luckily for New Jersey engineers, the entirety of your CPC credits may be fulfilled online.  NJSPE offers its members discounts on webinars and courses that fulfill required credits.  NJSPE also provides many other resources to help you fulfill your CPC credits in ways that are valuable and rewarding.

Additionally, if you attend a NJSPE sponsored continuing education seminar, NJSPE will keep track of your accumulated CPC credits and provide you with a record at your request.  This is valuable once it is time to renew your license to prove compliance with the CPC requirements.

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