Everything You Need to Pass the Electrical Engineering PE Exam

The next PE electrical and computer exam will be held in Fall 2019. To be fully prepared to pass, you should take a few months to plan and build your study materials. Maybe it has been a few years since you’ve taken a serious exam, so you may be a little rusty with studying. Not to worry because we have you covered! Here, you’ll learn what to expect from the exam, the best ways to study, and where you can find helpful materials to study.

What you can expect

The electrical and computer exam is an eight-hour open-book exam, containing 40 multiple choice questions in the four-hour morning session and 40 multiple choice questions in the four-hour afternoon session. The questions require a variety of approaches and methodologies, including design, analysis, and application. The exam features questions on subjects like general electrical engineering knowledge, digital systems, electromagnetics, electronics, control systems, and communications. A breakdown of each category and the approximate number of questions for each can be found here.

How to study for the exam

For this open-book exam, you are allowed to bring bound reference materials, and they must remain bound for the duration of the exam. Loose papers can be bound with ring binders, brads, plastic snap binders, spiral-bound notebooks, or screw posts. As you’re studying, it’s beneficial to organize the information that will be the most important to bring with you.

It is also helpful to create a schedule for your studying. For some subjects, there will be more questions than others, so pay attention to this when you are breaking up your study time. When you organize what you will bring to the exam, remember that sometimes, less is more. Having to flip through potentially hundreds of pages of notes to find an answer will eat into your exam time. When doing practice exams, notice what subjects you are weakest in and focus your materials a little more on those.

Electrical engineering exam materials

To prep for your exam, The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) offers practice exams, supplied-reference handbooks, and free PDF downloads to aid your studying. The practice exam will also contain 80 questions and will familiarize you with the subjects and layout of the exam. All electrical engineering exam materials can be found and purchased on your MyNEECS account.

On ppi2pass.com, you’ll find exam prep bundles, which include a reference manual, practice problems, practice exams, an NEC quick-card, engineering unit conversions, customizable book tabs, and a scientific calculator. See the bundles here. They also offer a number of a la carte manuals and practice exams.

Hopefully you take these materials and go on to crush the PE electrical and computer exam! Have any other topics you’d like more information on? Drop us an email at info@njspe.org

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