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The future of the professional engineering profession lies in the hands of the PEs of today. There are so many issues today that are important for professional engineers to learn about and stand behind. The actions you take today as a professional engineer will have an impact on the profession in the future! NJSPE, and NSPE as a whole, works at every level of government to support issues vital to the profession. You can join the effort to build a strong foundation for the future of engineering by taking the time to learn more about the issues and resources for advocacy for professional engineers.

Get state-specific issues at NSPE’s Advocacy Center

NSPE’s new and improved Advocacy Center allows you to sign up to receive state-specific information on issues. Outside of your state’s issues, you’ll be able to learn more about and participate in NSPE’s active campaigns. Their list of core issues will tell you what the profession is facing and what you can do about it. Each topic goes in-depth to provide resources and campaigns related to that particular issue. They also provide training modules that will provide you the knowledge and tools to successfully voice your opinion on the issue. Available training modules currently include: Advocacy 101, Having a Good Meeting with Your Member of Congress, Scheduling a Meeting with Your Member of Congress, and Media Best Practices. Once you’re ready to take action on issues, the Advocacy Center offers a list of issues that you can take action on right away! 

Explore the NSPE Advocacy Center here.  

Reports on state PE laws and rules

NSPE provides resources so NSPE members, state societies, the broader engineering community, and the public can better understand the laws and regulations that define the issues that affect the professional engineer. The reports are intended to provide useful information that NSPE and its state societies can share with policymakers and the public to protect public health, safety, and welfare. Reports like: “Can Engineering Technology Graduates Earn a PE License?”, “Disciplinary Self-Reporting Requirements for Professional Engineers”, and more are free for members to access!

See a full list of reports here.

Learn more about PEs who became legislators

Learn about PEs who became legislators and their experiences, and gain insights into how NSPE members can advocate for the profession. There are professional engineers at all levels of government who are making an impact on the profession. 

Learn more about the legislators and how you can effectively advocate for the professional engineering profession here.

Keeping your thumb on the pulse of the profession is so important for the future of engineering! We hope you’ll take full advantage of these resources and make your voice heard.

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