Speak Up to Protect PE Licensure in New Jersey

A few months ago, we reached out to ask you to voice your opposition to A. 702 in the state assembly. If you took action, we really appreciate your participation in helping us educate elected officials on the problems in this bill. As a reminder, this bill would require private businesses that contract with any government body to install tracking software on the computer of every employee who works on a public project. A. 702 is promoted as a way of reducing fraudulent charges by government contractors. However, it doesn’t take into account the hours that design professionals, including professional engineers, spend conducting business away from their computers. These proposals, for the most part, would require any state contract worth at least $100,000 to use software to verify that hours billed for work under the contract are legitimate, presenting significant privacy concerns for professional engineers and other design professionals. 

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Since it’s passage of the state assembly, A. 702 has since moved to the state senate and we are beginning to see movement on this bill. Now we need your help to ensure this bill does not pass the state senate. We expect to see this bill pushed through the legislature just as it was attempted last legislative cycle. It’s vital that you contact your state legislators and tell them how strongly you oppose this kind of blatant privacy violation! Thank you for taking action on such a vital issue.

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