Enter the 2017 Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest

Want to match your wits and knowledge with some of the brightest students and most experienced engineering minds in the country? If you are a current member or student member of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), you are invited to participate in the 2017 Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest!

Participants can choose from four different fact situations: fire sprinkler layout drawings, overlapping services arrangements, driverless/autonomous vehicle, and design of a playground as favor to public official. Once one is selected, you can submit an essay, video, photo essay, poster, or PowerPoint presentation (can include videos/sound, etc.) to show off your talent and knowledge of the NSPE Code of Ethics! The fact situations are outlined below:

  1. Fire Sprinkler Layout Drawings
  1. Overlapping Service Arrangements
  1. Driverless/Autonomous Vehicle
  1. Design of Playground as Favor to Public Official

Read the facts of your chosen case and create a discussion and solution for the included question(s). Don’t forget to reference specific sections of the NSPE Code.

All entries must be received by Friday, April 28, 2017. Entries will be judged on quality, clarity, demonstration of understanding, comprehensiveness, and argument support. Send your finished product by mail or e-mail to:

2017 NSPE Milton F. Lunch Ethics Contest

NSPE Legal Department

1420 King Street

Alexandria, Va. 22314

E-mail: legal@nspe.org

There are many great prizes for this year’s winner, including a certificate of achievement, recognition in PE Magazine, as well as a $1,000 cash prize provided by NSPE.

Good luck, fellow professional engineers and student engineers!


Francis “Frank” J. Stanton, Jr., P.E., F.NSPE

Chair, NSPE Board of Ethical Review

Find more information here.

5 Reasons you Should Care about the PE License

More than a century ago, there were no certifications or licenses for engineers, and anyone could draw up plans and create projects. To protect the public’s health and safety, the professional engineering license was created. But why should you care about the PE license or consider becoming a professional engineer?

We are glad you asked! Check out the top five reasons you should care about the PE license:

  1. Take on responsibility within the profession. Only professional engineers can legally create, sign, and submit engineering drawings and plans. This ensures that only the most-qualified and skilled engineers are providing their services to the public.
  2. Move up the ranks. Receiving a PE license opens the doors for many different career opportunities. In certain areas of engineering, a license is required, especially if you are responsible for a team of employees or interested in being contracted with the government. For those interested in teaching, a professional license is often necessary to teach future engineers.
  3. Clients understand that you take your job seriously. Having the initials “PE” after your name tells your clients you are a cut above the rest. It says that you can handle more responsibility because you are a high-level engineer who operates ethically and with integrity and always keeps the public’s best interest at the forefront.
  4. Be among the best in your field. Being a professional engineer is like joining an elite club of engineers. It signifies you are a leader among your peers and tells prospective employers that you are an eligible candidate for almost any position.
  5. Enhance your skills. Like most other industries, engineering is rapidly changing. Earning and maintaining your license helps you stay up-to-date with the most efficient processes and techniques. It also gives you information on public concerns, including safety and environmental protection.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many benefits to being a licensed professional engineer that it is definitely worth the time and effort. At NJSPE, we are constantly advocating on behalf of New Jersey’s professional engineers to ensure their rights and professional license are protected. If you’re interested in learning more about how NJSPE protects PEs and other benefits of membership, please click here.

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