NJSPE Membership Categories

Who Can Join NSPE?

NSPE gives you the EDGE whether you are just getting started, on the fast track or ready to give back. You can also join one or more practice divisions and multiply all of NSPE’s membership benefits.

Licensed Engineers

A Professional Engineer membership is open to anyone holding a valid license as Professional Engineer, Engineer-In-Training or Engineering Intern certification in the U.S. or Canada (or international equivalent).

  • National Annual Dues: $125.00
  • NJ State Annual Dues: $205.00

Enterprise Membership

Enterprise Membership offers companies the opportunity to provide NSPE membership to multiple employees at discounted rates.

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Full-time students in an undergraduate or graduate engineering program accredited by ABET or an engineering or pre-engineering program (or international equivalent).

Engineer-in-Training or Intern Engineer

Recent graduates of an engineering program accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (or international equivalent).

Rates include state and national dues in the years following graduation:

  • 1st Year: $66.00
  • 2nd Year: $132.00
  • 3rd Year: $198.00
  • 4th Year: $264.00

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Practice Divisions

Choose a practice division and gain even more membership benefits. During the first year, joining a practice division is free. Choose one or any number of the divisions.

  • Professional Engineers in Construction (PEC) represents engineers in the construction industry; has active projects to develop better contract documents; and helps members in such areas as design/build and construction management contracting, legislation and government affairs, building safety, arbitration, privatization, and engineering licensure.
  • Professional Engineers in Education (PEE) serves engineers whose goal is to satisfy the educational needs of the engineering profession.
  • Professional Engineers in Government (PEG) is dedicated to meeting the needs of all engineers employed in local, state, or federal government.
  • Professional Engineers in Industry (PEI) works to help engineers in industry faced with the needs created by more uncertain career patterns, frequent job changes, and the pressures of ever increasing worldwide competition.
  • Professional Engineers in Private Practice (PEPP) focuses on the professional concerns of engineers providing construction design services to the public and private sectors.

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