NJSPE Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Robert V. Kiser, PE, PP, CME President
Joseph Mancini, PE, PP President-Elect
Vince Wagner, PE Vice President
William P. Delisky, PE Secretary
Erica Vigliorolo, EIT  Treasurer
Michael J. Bennink, PE Past President

Brian Van Nortwick, EIT NSPE Director at Large
Robert J. Thiel, PE NSPE Delegate
Lawrence Powers Counsel
Joe Simonetta CAE Executive Director
Patrick Stewart Executive Director

Chapter Presidents


John DelMonaco, PE President


David Wysocki, PE, President


Patrick Jeffrey, PE President

North Central

Charlie Johnson, PE President

Ocean Chapter

Mark Rohmeyer, PE President

Raritan Valley

Brian Orourke, PE President

South Jersey

Dan McGinnis, PE President


Richard Olsen, PE President


Sergio Couto, PE Chair
Joe Griffin, PE Immediate Past Chairman
Dan Healey, PE Vice Chairman
John Clearwater, PE Treasurer
Lou Tomasello, PE Secretary

NOTE: With the exception of Special Committees, the purpose and scope of each Standing Committee is defined in NJSPE Bylaws with tasks defined in NJSPE Operating Procedures.


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