The 2019 NJ MATHCOUNTS National Competition was held May 11-14 in Orlando, FL. The New Jersey team placed 8th out of 56 teams and eighth grader George Cao placed 21th out of 224 mathletes. The New Jersey team members were Courtney Johnson, Coach from Thomas Grover Middle School, Kishan Bava from Heritage Middle School, Bryan Zhang from Green Broom Middle School, Qirui (a.k.a. Locke) Cai Thomas Grover Middle School, and George Cao from Montgomery Middle School.

While it takes many volunteers to coordinate the regional and state events, the people listed below are the driving force behind the effort:

  • Rick Adelsohn, PE, State Scoring Coordinator
  • Calisto Bertin, PE, Bergen-Hudson Chapter Coordinator
  • Robert Burdick, PE, Ocean-Burlington Chapter Coordinator
  • Thomas Fisher, PE, Mercer Chapter Coordinator and Golf Outing Chairperson
  • Maggie Gutierrez, PE, South Jersey Chapter Coordinator
  • Christopher Iacono, PE, Mercer Chapter Coordinator
  • Drew Lillis, PE, State Chairperson
  • Harry McNally, PE, Middlesex, Union, and Monmouth (MUM) Chapter Coordinator
  • John Rhodes, PE, North Central Coordinator
  • Atul Shah, PE, MUM Chapter Coordinator
  • Vatsal Shah, PE, MUM Chapter Coordinator
  • John Tardy, PE, MUM Chapter Coordinator
  • With special recognition going to Alyse Lillis

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