It’s Never Too Early to Jump-Start Your Career

If you’re a student working toward an engineering degree, it’s never too early to start thinking about your future after school. As a student enrolled full-time in an ABET-accredited engineering program, you have the opportunity for a free NJ Society of Professional Engineers national student membership. This includes students at graduate-level engineering programs, too! Not only does this engineering membership look great on resumes, but student members can also take advantage of benefits like:

Becoming an NSPE student member will give you a competitive edge when applying to jobs, grad school, and down the road for the FE and PE exams. As a student engineer in New Jersey, along with the NSPE student membership, you can also have an NJ engineering membership at NJSPE. See all that NJ Society of Professional Engineers has to offer here. The membership is free and offers countless benefits, so there’s nothing to lose! Learn more about becoming a member here.

Engineering Advocacy Topics you Need to Know

Like most other professions, professional engineers across the country are constantly dealing with legislative changes that may negatively affect how they operate. That is why organizations like NJSPE are so important for protecting and advancing the engineering profession throughout New Jersey. As we get further into 2019, these are the hot topics where engineering advocacy is most important for New Jersey engineers:

  • License: Unfortunately, the professional engineering license is constantly under threat. Recently, certain organizations are trying to pass legislation that would allow anyone to practice any occupation without a license as long as they disclose this information. As you know, this is dangerous and will lead to new complications in the engineering field.
  • Technology: As new technology continues to emerge, there comes new challenges and necessary legislation to maintain ethical practices. We fight to ensure that legislation protects engineers moving forward.
  • Autonomous vehicles: Every day, we get closer to fully autonomous vehicles hitting the roads. That’s why New Jersey recently created an autonomous vehicle engineering task force. NJSPE advocated to secure a spot for a professional engineer on this task force to ensure we protect drivers and pedestrians.
  • STEM education: While this topic is prevalent throughout the country, New Jersey has seen a lot of new developments in education funding. Governor Phil Murphy announced in his budget address that he plans to add $15.4 billion in K-12 aid to eventually achieve fully funded public education.

If you are a professional engineer interested in engineering advocacy and protecting your profession, it’s never been a better time to join NJSPE. We are the only New Jersey organization dedicated to promoting, serving and representing professional engineers for the public’s safety and benefit. Learn more about our membership options and join now here.

How NJSPE Helps New Jersey Engineers

One of the best ways to network with people in your industry and stay up-to-date on engineering news and events is by becoming a member of a professional association. New Jersey engineers are very lucky because there are so many great associations specifically created for engineers in our state. So why should you join the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers? Here are five of our favorite reasons:

  1. Only PE organization – NJSPE is the only organization in New Jersey dedicated to professional engineers. That means we focus on helping you stay informed about how to maintain and utilize your license. Our goal is to promote, serve, and and represent New Jersey’s engineering professionals for the public’s benefit.
  2. Continuing education opportunities – to keep your PE license, you must complete 24 professional development hours with two of them in ethics within each renewal period. We keep you informed about upcoming opportunities for continuing education and make sure you know when your professional development hours must be completed by.
  3. Free webinars – speaking of professional development hours, being a member of NJSPE gives you access to 15 free webinars! These webinars will help you put a dent in the number of courses you need to maintain licensure, all without leaving your house. They change annually, so you’re always getting the most up-to-date information on the most popular topics.
  4. Job opportunities – instead of jumping from website to website trying to find engineering jobs, you’ll have access to our engineering only careers page. You’ll also get access to NSPE’s national job board, unlocking countless career opportunities. Dozens of New Jersey engineers find jobs on our job board everyday.
  5. Advocacy and news – stay in-the-know about the engineering professional and state of engineering in New Jersey with our monthly newsletter. We feature important national news, local news, upcoming events, jobs, and much more to give you a leg up in the industry.

If you’re trying to decide whether joining NJSPE is the best option for you, let us put you in touch with New Jersey engineers who have benefited from our organization. Just email and we’d be happy to connect you to one of our members or answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in becoming a member, visit our membership page and join today!

5 Other Engineering Organizations in New Jersey

When most people look for engineering organizations in New Jersey, they usually find the first one that applies to them, and they become a member. Maybe that’s how you became a member of NJSPE or landed on this blog post. However, we aren’t the only state society that promotes, serves, and represents New Jersey’s engineering professionals. There are dozens of engineering organizations – some bigger and some smaller – that aim to advocate for engineers and provide an outlet for networking and education.

While there are many more, here are just a few of the engineering organizations in New Jersey. If you’d like to learn more about each of these organizations, click the heading associated with each one!

New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers

NJSME strives to improve the practice of municipal engineering in New Jersey via continuing education opportunities, legislative advocacy, and promoting the highest professional standards. They aim to advance the social status and welfare of members by providing them with the tools to succeed. We are very familiar with NJSME, because if you want to be a municipal engineer, you must also be licensed as a professional engineer. There is some overlap with NJSME because some of our municipal engineering members also belong to this organization.

New Jersey Professional Engineers in Construction

Another organization we work closely with, NJPEC is a nonprofit organization that supports our objectives, advances public welfare, and promotes the interests of its members. They operate under our bylaws and constitution as a practice division/interest group, but they have a more central focus on helping those who work as professional engineers in the state’s construction industry.  NJPEC aims to improve the New Jersey’s built environment, benefiting the economy, creating jobs, and ensuring a high quality of life for all citizens.

American Council of Engineering Companies of New Jersey

The ACECNJ advocates for consulting engineers, currently representing 115 firms employing more than 5,500 New Jersey residents. They strive to enhance the business practices of New Jersey’s engineering companies in the areas of planning, design, and construction. Benefits of membership include advocacy, networking, public outreach, media relations, resources, education, awards and scholarships, and political action committees.

American Society of Civil Engineers New Jersey

ASCENJ represents 4,100 civil engineers in New Jersey. They are dedicated to advancing the status of civil engineers as well as the science and profession of civil engineering. ASCENJ aims to help members and the public by advancing technology, developing leadership, advocating for education, and promoting the profession. They maintain chapters in South Jersey, Central Jersey, and North Jersey, but the North serves as the umbrella for all three.

New Jersey Association of Energy Engineers

A state chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, NJAEE promotes educational interests and opportunities for engineers in the energy industry and provides an unbiased forum for energy-related resources. They focus on utilizing energy efficient technologies, encouraging energy efficient designs, and discovering new energy-related concepts throughout the State of New Jersey. NJAEE benefits engineers, businesses, government officials, and all other end users.

Why Every New Professional Engineer Should Join NJSPE

When young New Jersey engineers emerge with a degree from a university, pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, and the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Examination, it is cause for celebration. This is a very exciting, and anxiety-inducing, time in an engineer’s life. All the possibilities of their career are in front of them, which can feel a little overwhelming. That is one of the many reasons every young engineer should join the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE). Here are a few more benefits of joining NJSPE:

  1. Career development opportunities. Maybe you have started applying for entry-level positions in the New Jersey area, and you are not sure how to stand out on applications. Or, you want to be strategic in your application process and want to find the jobs that your classmates cannot. An NJSPE membership can help you with both.  This is because NJSPE offers members-only web classifieds. Studies also show engineers who are active in professional engineering associations typically get selected first for jobs as it shows dedication to the profession, and leadership qualities.
  1. A built-in community of peers. Post-graduation life can be lonely. Attempting to find a job, living on your own, and finding colleagues to discuss these struggles is hard without a little help. As a member of NJSPE, young professional engineers become part of a community of like-minded individuals in the New Jersey area. Make connections in-person and online, collaborate, share industry best practices, and excel in your industry.
  2. Even more educational opportunities. You might be saying to yourself, “I just graduated! Why do I need MORE education?” However, as any veteran in engineering will tell you, it is important to never stop learning. With the pain of tuition still in the back of your mind, the free online seminars and resources provided by NJSPE are great for supplemental learning. NJSPE offers monthly webinars and conferences to help young professionals learn more about topics such as business and career development. Check out the current continuing education options for NJSPE members.
  3. Keep yourself in-the-know of engineering news. When you are in college, immersed in the world of engineering, you can stay up-to-date on the newest trends in technology and the industry at large. After college, this can be a little more difficult. That is why the virtual benefits of NJSPE membership are so important. From PE magazines, forums and e-newsletters, you can stay on the cutting-edge of the engineering profession.

At the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers, we know how graduation leads to a mixture of emotions. NJSPE is here to help you build your career, connect you to a community of peers, provide continuing education opportunities, stay current on industry trends, and so much more. For more information about membership, visit our website, check out the NJSPE membership categories and start your application today!

Understanding the Importance of Networking with Other Engineers

All throughout college, your professors, classmates, and professional engineers working in-the- field tell you that networking is important. But it can be harder in practice than in theory, because socializing can be awkward, and at the end the workday, many of us would rather be watching Netflix on the couch than attending networking cocktail hours. However, networking can be critical to career success in a variety of ways.

Many members of the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE) are looking to take the next step in their careers. That step does not have to be underscored by a painful online search for new positions. A smart career move is to expand ones’ professional network because in the job market it is often less about what you know than who you know.

The relationships you make at networking events are important, but they do not require hours of preparation or in-depth knowledge about the specifics within your industry. Engaging someone in a 15-minute conversation about your interests and career goals at a mixer can help get your name noticed on an application and during the interview process. Imagine what active engagement in a community of professional engineers could mean for your career.

In addition to increasing your name recognition in the job market, networking can be a reminder that you are not alone on your career path. When you join professional associations, and take advantage of networking opportunities, you gain access to an in-crowd of like-minded individuals. There are innumerable opportunities to collaborate with your peers, learn best practices, share your concerns, and ask questions.

Professional associations such as NJSPE provide members with networking opportunities both online and in-person. For more information on events and membership, visit

Which NJSPE Membership is Right for You?

The benefits of joining the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE) include advocacy opportunities, continuing education and networking, access to the latest innovations in the industry, and career advancement for professional engineers.

At NJSPE, we understand membership fees can be expensive, and certain associations do not make membership worthwhile. That is why we keep our fees low and offer multiple membership levels, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of NJSPE while keeping their budget in mind. We put together a few questions and package information to help you decide what level is right for you.

Do You have a Professional Engineering License?  

A professional engineer membership is available to those holding a license as a professional engineer, engineer-in-training, or engineering intern certification in the United States, Canada, or an international equivalent.

At this level, members pay $125 for the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and $205 for New Jersey state dues. These fees provide access to resources such as online seminars, PE Magazine, and exclusive job postings at state and national levels.

Are Multiple Engineers at Your Workplace Considering Membership?

The enterprise membership is for companies with multiple engineers looking to join a professional engineering association. This level enables a company to sponsor membership for employees at a discounted rate. NJSPE will work with you to design specialized benefits around the needs of a company.

With this package, benefits beyond the individual can be realized. At a corporate level, enterprise membership to NJSPE illustrates a commitment to best practices and can help companies save on liability premiums.

Are You an Engineering Student?

The free NJSPE membership for students is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition. We offer membership to full-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs that are Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) qualified. Membership benefits include networking opportunities and access to online seminars and web classifieds. Students can also apply for scholarships and partake in student chapters of NSPE.

Are You a Recent College Graduate?

If you are a recent graduate of an ABET-accredited program, the engineer-in-training or intern engineer membership level is perfect for you! We know that post-graduation life can leave professional engineers with a tight budget and do not want that to scare you away from the benefits of NJSPE membership. Rates include New Jersey and national dues:

  • First year after graduation: $66
  • Second year: $132
  • Third year: $198
  • Fourth year: $264

Combining Levels and Selecting Practice Divisions

If multiple levels listed sound like the right fit for you, professional engineers can join one or more practice divisions and multiply all NSPE’s membership benefits. These practice divisions include professional engineers in construction (PEC), professional engineers in education (PEE), and more.

For information about NJSPE, including upcoming events, application information and more, please visit

Advancing Your Career as an Engineer: How Professional Engineering Associations Can Help

Do you remember the stress of finding your first job after graduation? All those long nights of searching online and making LinkedIn connections with potential employers to give yourself a leg up. The New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE) is a state society that promotes, serves, and represents New Jersey’s engineering professionals for the public’s benefit. The association also benefits members in a variety of ways.

Perhaps one of the most important functions of NJSPE is helping young professional engineers find new career opportunities. Many of our members are looking to take the next step in their careers, either with a new job or by expanding their professional network. Regardless of your individual goals, NJSPE can help.

NSPE Job Postings 

Unless you land a dream job, an engineer’s first few positions are typically entry-level. They are great for expanding a young engineer’s knowledge and gaining in-the-field experience. However, where can you turn when you are looking to take the next step?

Our members have access to NSPE and NJSPE web classifieds, which help young engineering professionals find new opportunities within their specialized division of engineering.

We also help employers scout the best talent in the industry. As part of our database, that could be you! Members have a competitive edge, and in the current job market, that can be vital.

Furthering Your Education to Further Your Career

As many veterans in their field will tell you, it’s important to never stop learning. With even more engineers applying for the same positions, more education can help an applicant stand out from the crowd. However, NJSPE understands that most young professional engineers do not have the money or time to go back to school. As a member of a prestigious professional engineering association, you would have access to free online seminars and resources needed to further your understanding of engineering topics and to maintain PE licenses.

Webinars and conferences are offered monthly to help members sharpen skills and learn best practices. Many of these sessions are specifically geared toward young professionals on topics related to business and career development. Check out the current listing of NSPE continuing education sessions in your area.

If you are interested in learning more about our professional engineering association, the NJSPE website has important information about events, divisions and local chapters of NSPE, and much more!

5 Benefits of Joining a Professional Engineering Association

Every young professional engineer knows growing his or her network is a good career move to establish a circle of like-minded individuals and to cultivate future career opportunities. Sometimes it can feel like a daunting task, because being social can be a challenge and paying membership fees can be a pain.

However, at the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE), we believe joining a professional engineering association is incredibly valuable. NJSPE is a state society that promotes, serves, and represents New Jersey’s engineering professionals for the public’s benefit. We keep the fees low and the memberships to our different divisions flexible, so members can experience all of the National Society of Professional Engineer’s (NSPE) benefits. What are those benefits?

  1. Advocacy Work in Your Chosen Field

Professionally and personally, there is no downside to advocacy work. Professional engineering associations, such as NJSPE, partner with a host of organizations to support and partake in outreach initiatives and activities.

For example, NSPE is taking action on a variety of issues, such as soothing the public anxiety about autonomous vehicles. In collaboration with state DMVs and policymakers, the organization is helping to test, develop, and deploy these vehicles safely.

  1. Continuing Education Opportunities

As many veterans in their field will tell you, it’s important to never stop learning. While that sounds great, most young professional engineers do not have the money to go back to school to further their credentials. As a NJSPE member, you would have access to free online seminars and resources needed to maintain PE licenses.

There are monthly webinars and conferences available to sharpen skills and learn best practices geared to young professionals on topics related to business and career development. Check out the current listing of NJSPE continuing education sessions in your area.

  1. Further Your Career

We all remember what it was like to be a few months from graduation: everyone was scouring Indeed and other websites for job opportunities. The assistance that associations like NJSPE provide would have been vital at that stage. When engineers are ready to move up the ladder, the NSPE and NJSPE members-only web classifieds can be key. They not only post open positions but also help employers find top talent in the industry.

  1. Access to a Community of Peers

Sometimes it is nice to know you are not alone. As a member of a professional engineering association, you are part of a community of like-minded individuals. In person and online, there are innumerable opportunities to collaborate with your peers and share industry best practices.

  1. Stay Up-to-date on Engineering News

Membership has important virtual benefits. Today’s youth is proud of their ability to stay on top of trends, technological and otherwise. From PE magazines, forums and e-newsletters, NJSPE members are on the cutting-edge of the engineering profession.

Convinced you should join a professional engineering association? Check out the NJSPE membership categories and start your application today!

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