PE License Next Steps: What Happens Now?

Passing your Professional Engineering exam is a huge accomplishment.  After the hours of studying and experience required to get your PE license, you may be wondering: what happens now? There are some important PE license next steps that will help you make the most of your new license:

  • Showcase Your Title: This is a vital PE license next step. Now that you have the distinction, it’s time to show it off!  You will want to update your business card to say PE or P.E. next to your name. You should also add your PE title to other professional networking channels, such as your LinkedIn profile and email signature.
  • Obtain Your Seal/Stamp: A rewarding next step is ordering your seal or stamp, which indicate your approval on design concepts. Make sure you contact your state board for specific size requirements for your stamp or seal.
  • Tell Your Employer: Every engineer’s relationship with their employer is unique. However, getting a PE license may open the door for new opportunities at your job. You could be eligible for a raise or promotion, especially at firms where team credentials matter to winning clients. Keep in mind that not every employer will reward you for your accomplishment, but it can’t hurt to let them know.
  • Control Your Career: Licensure is a necessity if you wish to become an engineering consultant or private practitioner. Many industries, like government and education, are being required to hire and contract only with licensed PE’s at a growing rate.  A PE license gives you greater control over your future, as it’s very difficult to advance in your career without one.
  • Join a PE Association: There are many associations, like NJSPE, that PEs can join to expand their professional network and enhance their knowledge. If you are a recent PE, you may want to consider joining one of these organizations. They can help you advance your career and obtain your continuing education credit requirements. Learn more about the benefits of PE societies here.

Becoming a PE is a milestone in the career of any engineer.  Knowing the immediate PE license next steps will help you hit the ground running.  For more information for recent PEs, download our free one-page checklist here!

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