Stormwater Management and Soil Testing

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Stormwater Management in the NJ Pinelands – A Review of Stormwater Management Amendments to the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan

Ed Wengrowski & Brian P. Szura, NJ Pinelands Commission

Learn about the historical and recent updates to the Pinelands Commission’s Stormwater Management rules with particular emphasis on the Commission’s and NJDEP’s reliance on Green Infrastructure for non-point pollution control, flood control and groundwater recharge. This webinar will review stormwater management strategies that prevent pollution from entering our waterways, minimize property damage due to flooding and maintain groundwater levels for sustainable drinking water supplies, agricultural and industrial uses, and essential wetlands ecosystem services.


NJ DEP Soil Testing for Stormwater Management

Lisa Schaefer, Bureau of Flood Hazard and Stormwater Engineering

Understanding the character and saturated hydraulic conductivity of surface and subsurface soils at a proposed land development site is crucial to the design of stormwater BMPs that meet the requirements of the Stormwater Management rules. This presentation will focus on the reasons why soil testing is important, along with the different types of testing.  Also included will be the soil testing requirements and what is to be submitted in the stormwater management report for a major development project.

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This webinar offers 2 CDC Credits for NJ Professional Engineers and PE’s in other states that accept NJSPE accredited programs.


Speaker Bios

Ed Wengrowski has more than 40 years of experience conducting soil-based environmental assessments.  He has been employed by the NJ Pinelands Commission since 2002.  He has extensive experience in conducting site investigations to determine in situ permeability and SHWT elevations for the installation of groundwater recharge facilities and in troubleshooting facilities that fail to recharge.

In addition to holding Registered Environmental Specialist licenses in several states, he holds Public Sanitary and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator licenses, and UST Subsurface Evaluator / Closure licenses issued by the NJDEP. He earned a BS degree in Environmental Science from Rutgers University’s Cook College (now the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences).

Brian Szura joined the Commission staff in 1999 as part of the Regulatory Programs Office. His primary responsibilities include the review of private development applications in the Cities of Port Republic and Estell Manor and the Townships of Galloway, Egg Harbor, Jackson and Weymouth; review of all stormwater management plans submitted for development applications in the Pinelands Area; and the review of applications for off-road vehicle events. Mr. Szura earned a BS degree in Natural Resources Management from Rutgers University’s Cook College (currently the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences).

Lisa Schaefer is an environmental engineer with the Bureau of Flood Hazard and Stormwater Engineering, which is part of the Division of Watershed Protection and Restoration.  This is her 20th year with the Department, and her experience has included reviewing applications for various permits, licenses, grants and statements of no interest under the Division’s predecessor, the Division of Land Use Regulation.  She is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, where she obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Structures.

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