Understanding New Jersey Continuing Education for Engineers

In the State of New Jersey, continuing education for engineers requires 24 professional development hours biennially. Professional engineers may employ various methods of completing continuing professional competency requirements, or CPC credits, every two years.

Professional Practice Ethics

Applicants must complete two to eight hours in professional practice ethics. As part of the National Society of Professional Engineers’ membership benefits, members gain access to 15 free online courses. Six of these include topics in engineering ethics.

Continuing Professional Competency Credits

Each credit shall consist of one 60-minute clock hour. These can be in the form of workshops, events, seminars, teaching, and courses. Courses may be taken online or at physical universities, colleges, or schools.

  • Online Courses

The 15 free online courses included with membership consist of a video that is followed by a quiz. To successfully complete each course, viewers must pass the quiz with a score of 70 percent or higher. Each course equals one professional development hour. They can be completed anywhere and on any computer with Internet access and working audio.

  • Independent Study

These can be completed with print copies, with DVDs, or online.

  • Conferences and Events

Members can attend state and local events, as well as nationwide conferences to complete hours. The Professional Engineers Conference will be held on July 19 to 23 in 2017. Attendees of the full conference can complete up to 12 credit hours.


The Board requires pre-approval for equivalent educational programs.

Credit Hours

There are no limits to how many online courses may be taken for credit hours. NSPE members receive 15 free online courses that count for one CPC credit, or one hour, each. Attendees of the Professional Engineers Conference can receive up to 12 hours for full attendance. These two programs combined total 27 hours, exceeding the required 24 hours.

Carrying Hours to Renewal Period

Up to 12 professional development hours may “rollover” to the next biennial renewal period.

Completion Records

Professional development hour completion records are required to be maintained for five years.

For any other questions regarding New Jersey continuing education for engineers, please contact NJSPE at info@njspe.com or give us a call at 609-393-0099. We look forward to providing more information and welcoming you as members.

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