Which NJSPE Membership is Right for You?

Updated for 2020

The benefits of joining the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE) include advocacy opportunities, continuing education and networking, access to the latest innovations in the industry, and career advancement for professional engineers.

At NJSPE, we understand membership fees can be expensive, and certain associations do not make membership worthwhile. That is why we keep our fees low and offer multiple membership levels, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of NJSPE while keeping their budget in mind. We put together a few questions and package information to help you decide what level is right for you.

Do You have a Professional Engineering License?  

A professional engineer membership is available to those holding a license as a professional engineer, engineer-in-training, or engineering intern certification in the United States, Canada, or an international equivalent.

At this level, members pay a total of $299 for the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and New Jersey state dues. These fees provide access to resources such as online seminars, PE Magazine, and exclusive job postings at state and national levels.

Are Multiple Engineers at Your Workplace Considering Membership?

The enterprise membership is for companies with multiple engineers looking to join a professional engineering association. This level enables a company to sponsor membership for employees at a discounted rate. NJSPE will work with you to design specialized benefits around the needs of a company.

With this package, benefits beyond the individual can be realized. At a corporate level, enterprise membership to NJSPE illustrates a commitment to best practices and can help companies save on liability premiums.

Are You an Engineering Student?

The free NJSPE membership for students is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition. We offer membership to full-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs that are Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc. (ABET) qualified or an engineering or pre-engineering program (or international equivalent). Membership benefits include networking opportunities and access to online seminars and web classifieds. Students can also apply for scholarships and partake in student chapters of NSPE.

Are You a Recent College Graduate?

If you are a recent graduate of an ABET-accredited program, the engineer-in-training or intern engineer membership level is perfect for you! We know that post-graduation life can leave professional engineers with a tight budget and do not want that to scare you away from the benefits of NJSPE membership. Rates include New Jersey and national dues:

  • First year after graduation: $60
  • Second year: $120
  • Third year: $180
  • Fourth year: $240
  • Fifth year: $299 (full membership price)

Combining Levels and Selecting Practice Divisions

If multiple levels listed sound like the right fit for you, professional engineers can join one or more practice divisions and multiply all NSPE’s membership benefits. These practice divisions include professional engineers in construction (PEC), professional engineers in education (PEE), professional engineers in government (PEG), professional engineers in industry (PEI), and professional engineers in private practice (PEPP).

For information about NJSPE, including upcoming events, application information and more, please visit https://njspe.org/.

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