4 Great Ways to get Involved During EWeek 2019

We are so excited that Engineering Week 2019 is less than a week away – from February 17 to 23, engineers from across the globe will get together for a week-long celebration. As a New Jersey professional engineer, Engineering Week is a great way to showcase the hard work you put in every day and spread awareness about the role of engineers in our society. Need some inspiration for how to get involved in Engineering Week 2019? Here are four easy ways to participate:

  1. Share pictures of you at your job – engineers do interesting things every day that no one knows about! Take pictures at your company, at a worksite, or at a meeting and share them online to show everyone a glimpse into the life of an engineer. Who knows – maybe your picture will inspire the next generation of engineers. Send your picture to us here, and we will feature it on our social media!
  2. Gather your coworkers and grab some food – awareness doesn’t only have to be posted on social media. It can also be shared in-person among your coworkers and employees. Whether it’s ordering pizzas for the office or going to a happy hour, pick a day during Engineering Week to say thank you to all your fellow engineers.
  3. Become a mentor to a student or a peer – the engineers of tomorrow start today. Pick a local school and give a presentation about engineering to inspire tomorrow’s leaders. You can also create a mentorship program in your company, where more experienced engineers partner with new hires to provide them with guidance as they move forward in their careers.
  4. Get active on social media – in case you didn’t know, the engineering and STEM communities on social media are very active! During Engineering Week, there are millions of people around the world participating, so it’s incredibly easy to build relationships with new, like-minded people. Log into Twitter and use the hashtag #EWeek2019 to become a part of the conversation.

If you are a New Jersey professional engineer, please use Engineering Week as an opportunity to celebrate and spread awareness! Have other ideas for getting involved during EWeek? Leave us a comment! If you’re looking for more information about Engineering Week and the events you can participate in throughout the week, click here.

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