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Being stuck at home, many of us have a lot of extra time on our hands. Don’t let that time go to waste! We’ll likely never get time like this again, we might as well use it productively! If you’re in between jobs or fortunate enough to be working throughout quarantine, we suggest that you use this time to learn a new skill. The more you can add to your resume the better! Check out these online engineering educational resources for growing your skills:

1. Udemy offers thousands of online courses teaching every subject under the sun. Yes, you can learn dog training and industrial robotics all in one place! The best part is the courses are usually between $10 to $20 and you’ll have lifetime access. Take a look at some popular engineering-related courses here.

2. edX

edX is similar to Udemy except their courses come from over a hundred different institutions and universities. You find courses on different subjects like computer science, language, data science, business and management, engineering, and more! Because these courses come from reputable institutions, the price point is higher. Most courses are a couple hundred dollars. However, you will receive a verified certificate, and some of the courses even fulfill actual certificate programs. Check out your course options here.

3. Coursera

Coursera is another platform that offers online courses, certificates, and degrees online from a variety of universities and companies. According to their website, 87 percent of people learning on Coursera report career benefits like getting a promotion, a raise, or starting a new career. See what you can learn on Coursera here

4. Future Learn

Future Learn offers an extensive selection of STEM-related courses. If you want to brush up on basic science or master more advanced topics like robotics and forensics, Future Learn is a great place to start. Again, these courses are coming from universities and institutions from all over the world so you can be sure you’re getting good material. Check out the STEM courses on Future Learn here.

Bonus: Continuing education opportunities

Don’t miss out on opportunities to earn PDH credits! NJSPE is always offering both online and in-person courses to fulfill your requirements as a professional engineer. The next event is a six-credit webinar on April 30! Register and see more continuing education courses here: 

We hope you take advantage of these affordable, engineering educational resources to grow your resume and see new opportunities come your way!

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