Engineering Concentrations Best Suited For The Future

The landscape of the Engineering profession is ever changing, but the demand for Engineering as a whole remains constant. These facets cultivate a highly desirable career path fostering job security, creative problem solving, and professional evolvement. As the field progresses certain concentrations prove better suited for the future of engineering. The question being “which ones?” 

Software Engineering: 

Our everyday lives revolve around technology from the handheld computers in our pockets to the laptops and tablets that occupy our desks. Software developers have the skill set and innovation to impact the devices we use the most frequently. The demand for the concentration of software engineering grows in relation to the advancement of technology itself. The more advanced technology becomes the greater the need for the Engineers to advance it. The median income of a Software Engineer is $103,560 and the current projected employment change is +24%. 

Solar Photovoltaic Installers:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, solar photovoltaic installing is the fastest-growing occupation. With a projected employment concentration of +105 percent It is safe to say that Solar Photovoltaic Installers have a secure placement in the future of engineering. As the severity of the energy crisis escalates and the desire to lower carbon emissions rises the need for solar energy increases. 

Biomedical engineering:

The improvement of modern medicine is continuous. Especially today, in the turmoil of a pandemic, the development of new medical technology is in high demand. Biomedical Engineers create new systems and equipment that push the advancement of modern medicine. The projected employment change in this concentration is +7 percent.

Civil engineering:

Civil engineering is the design, construction, and maintenance of our physical and naturally built environment. It impacts our daily lives on a multitude of levels. From the water in our pipes to the streets beneath our cars civil engineering surrounds us. As our population continues to grow and evolve the requirement for new structures is just as prominent as the need to repair or replace existing structures. The projected employment change for this industry is +11 percent.

These four highlighted concentrations are only a fraction of what the engineering industry has to offer. In truth embarking on almost any Engineering career path would be a wise decision. As the engineering field continues to grow and progress so does the job security and fulfillment that accompanies it. Luckily, Engineers that are NJSPE members have the resources at their fingertips to continue education and stay ahead of the curve within the industry. 

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