The Importance of Continuing Education in Engineering

Why is it that continuing your education is so important in the Engineering industry? As an Engineer you have the added responsibility of obtaining continuing education credits in order to maintain your license. The purpose of continuing education for license renewal is that it should expand and improve your current engineering skills, as well as cultivate new and relevant engineering skills. An aspect that NJSPE is here to help you with. Visit to view all of the courses currently being offered. 

Engineering is an ever changing field. New technologies are populating the industry every day. This is why continuing education credits are so crucial to the engineering profession. Learning how to adapt to new technologies, developments, skills, and regulations within your field. The courses offered by NJSPE will allow you to stay current within the industry. Chances are you  would not trust a doctor who is unfamiliar with the newest advances in medicine. As an engineer, it is crucial to be aware of the ever changing landscape of your job.  Therefore continuing education credits are mandated across the board.


Every engineer is required to complete 24 personal development hours (PDH) every 2 years to renew their license. 


Engineering licensing in New Jersey is managed by the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (PELS), and they require that you earn 24 PDH credits every 2 years. A minimum of 2 PDH credits must come from ethics courses, but you cannot earn more than 8 hours in total. You can obtain your continuing education courses by taking online classes, and there is no limit to how many credits can be earned in this manner.


Luckily for New Jersey engineers, we can provide most of your CE credits in just a few sessions. NJSPE offers its members discounts on webinars and courses.  As a member, you are also given access to the continuing education credits available through our national chapter.

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