NJSPE Interest Groups

Looking for new ways to get involved? Here at the New Jersey State Society of Professional Engineers, we empower our members to form their own interest groups! 

Why were interest groups founded? 

Over the past few years, NJSPE leadership has recognized that not all members participate in their local chapter. Therefore, it endeavored to refine its structure to allow flexibility and options for those members who wish a different outlet for involvement within the engineering profession. Interest groups can be founded between licensed Professional Engineers, as well as those on the path to become a PE.

What constitutes an interest group? 

In late 2007, NJSPE leadership approved some major changes in our organizational structure. To address above-mentioned members who may wish to participate or form working groups around a specific interest, the NJSPE Board of Directors has adopted a method by which statewide interest groups may be formed. There are some minimum requirements for such formation, but they are easy to achieve and have the backing and support of the entire NJSPE family.

These interest groups can be founded on any number of topics related to professional engineering. They might relate to employers, areas of technology like environmental sustainability, social networking, or promoting careers (for example, working with students interested in engineering). However, the possibilities are virtually endless!

How do I form an interest group? 

The New Jersey State Society of Professional Engineers provides a collection of documents and templates to serve as resources in the formation of new interest groups: 


We hope these resources can assist in the formation of your new interest group. NJSPE prides itself on promoting, serving, and representing New Jersey’s engineering professionals for the public’s benefit. Stay connected year-round as a member of NSPE – join today!

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