5 Benefits of Joining a Professional Engineering Association

Every young professional engineer knows growing his or her network is a good career move to establish a circle of like-minded individuals and to cultivate future career opportunities. Sometimes it can feel like a daunting task, because being social can be a challenge and paying membership fees can be a pain.

However, at the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE), we believe joining a professional engineering association is incredibly valuable. NJSPE is a state society that promotes, serves, and represents New Jersey’s engineering professionals for the public’s benefit. We keep the fees low and the memberships to our different divisions flexible, so members can experience all of the National Society of Professional Engineer’s (NSPE) benefits. What are those benefits?

  1. Advocacy Work in Your Chosen Field

Professionally and personally, there is no downside to advocacy work. Professional engineering associations, such as NJSPE, partner with a host of organizations to support and partake in outreach initiatives and activities.

For example, NSPE is taking action on a variety of issues, such as soothing the public anxiety about autonomous vehicles. In collaboration with state DMVs and policymakers, the organization is helping to test, develop, and deploy these vehicles safely.

  1. Continuing Education Opportunities

As many veterans in their field will tell you, it’s important to never stop learning. While that sounds great, most young professional engineers do not have the money to go back to school to further their credentials. As a NJSPE member, you would have access to free online seminars and resources needed to maintain PE licenses.

There are monthly webinars and conferences available to sharpen skills and learn best practices geared to young professionals on topics related to business and career development. Check out the current listing of NJSPE continuing education sessions in your area.

  1. Further Your Career

We all remember what it was like to be a few months from graduation: everyone was scouring Indeed and other websites for job opportunities. The assistance that associations like NJSPE provide would have been vital at that stage. When engineers are ready to move up the ladder, the NSPE and NJSPE members-only web classifieds can be key. They not only post open positions but also help employers find top talent in the industry.

  1. Access to a Community of Peers

Sometimes it is nice to know you are not alone. As a member of a professional engineering association, you are part of a community of like-minded individuals. In person and online, there are innumerable opportunities to collaborate with your peers and share industry best practices.

  1. Stay Up-to-date on Engineering News

Membership has important virtual benefits. Today’s youth is proud of their ability to stay on top of trends, technological and otherwise. From PE magazines, forums and e-newsletters, NJSPE members are on the cutting-edge of the engineering profession.

Convinced you should join a professional engineering association? Check out the NJSPE membership categories and start your application today!

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