What Should You Do After Passing the PE Exam?

Congratulations to all the young engineers who made it through four years at university earning your engineering degree and for passing the Professional Engineering exam. However, for many, this time can spark anxiety in new engineers wondering, ‘what next?” If you are wondering how to best put your PE exam results to use, let the New Jersey Society of Engineers help guide you.

  1. Submit your results to the New Jersey state board to obtain your license. A professional engineering license comes with a host of benefits for engineers, so this is an important step. Licensed engineers can sign, seal, and submit engineering plans to the public. Licensure also helps to ensure career adaptability, get a job in education, the government, public sectors, and more
  2. Show off your new designation. Be sure to include your new designation where ever necessary (and possible!). Include PE on business cards, email signatures, job applications, and more. Be sure to note the state where you received your license, which for most members of the New Jersey Society of Engineers, is New Jersey.
  3. Request a wall certificate for your office/home/other. A wall certificate is an important way to show to clients that you have the skills and experience for the job. Once you request your wall certificate, it should arrive in a few weeks after passing the PE exam. Often there is a small fee associated with receiving the certificate.
  4. Get your stamp/seal. As previously mentioned, engineers can only sign, seal, and submit plans after becoming licensed. A stamp/seal helps to show your authority within the industry, and proves your status as a professional engineer. There are no strict guidelines with stamp/seal design, but they must be round, include the phrase “professional engineer,” your name, license number, and the state where you are licensed.

Passing the PE exam is an exciting time for young engineers. By following these steps after receiving your result, you will be making the most of your new designation. Another great way to boost your career as an engineer is to join professional engineering associations such as the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers. Visit our website to investigate the benefits of membership.

Why Every New Professional Engineer Should Join NJSPE

When young New Jersey engineers emerge with a degree from a university, pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, and the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Examination, it is cause for celebration. This is a very exciting, and anxiety-inducing, time in an engineer’s life. All the possibilities of their career are in front of them, which can feel a little overwhelming. That is one of the many reasons every young engineer should join the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers (NJSPE). Here are a few more benefits of joining NJSPE:

  1. Career development opportunities. Maybe you have started applying for entry-level positions in the New Jersey area, and you are not sure how to stand out on applications. Or, you want to be strategic in your application process and want to find the jobs that your classmates cannot. An NJSPE membership can help you with both.  This is because NJSPE offers members-only web classifieds. Studies also show engineers who are active in professional engineering associations typically get selected first for jobs as it shows dedication to the profession, and leadership qualities.
  1. A built-in community of peers. Post-graduation life can be lonely. Attempting to find a job, living on your own, and finding colleagues to discuss these struggles is hard without a little help. As a member of NJSPE, young professional engineers become part of a community of like-minded individuals in the New Jersey area. Make connections in-person and online, collaborate, share industry best practices, and excel in your industry.
  2. Even more educational opportunities. You might be saying to yourself, “I just graduated! Why do I need MORE education?” However, as any veteran in engineering will tell you, it is important to never stop learning. With the pain of tuition still in the back of your mind, the free online seminars and resources provided by NJSPE are great for supplemental learning. NJSPE offers monthly webinars and conferences to help young professionals learn more about topics such as business and career development. Check out the current continuing education options for NJSPE members.
  3. Keep yourself in-the-know of engineering news. When you are in college, immersed in the world of engineering, you can stay up-to-date on the newest trends in technology and the industry at large. After college, this can be a little more difficult. That is why the virtual benefits of NJSPE membership are so important. From PE magazines, forums and e-newsletters, you can stay on the cutting-edge of the engineering profession.

At the New Jersey Society of Professional Engineers, we know how graduation leads to a mixture of emotions. NJSPE is here to help you build your career, connect you to a community of peers, provide continuing education opportunities, stay current on industry trends, and so much more. For more information about membership, visit our website, check out the NJSPE membership categories and start your application today!

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