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Mark your calendars! NJSPE is hosting a Continuing Education Webinar on September 23rd, 9am-12pm! This webinar offers 3 CPC credits for NJ Professional Engineers and PE’s in other states that accept NJSPE accredited programs. Gain valuable insight into the industry from our featured speakers, all the while fulfilling your CE requirements! Register now! 

PFAS and Public Water Systems (1 CPC)

This session discussing PFAS and public water systems will be led by James Peeples, fellow PE and Vice President of T&M Associates.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, are widely used in products such as firefighting foams, waterproof clothes, and nonstick cookware. Called “forever chemicals” because they don’t break down under typical environmental conditions, PFAS accumulate in soil and water and can persist in the human body once ingested. 

This session will include:

  • A short background on PFAS, and the reason they are so widespread in the environment
  • A discussion of the current state of PFAS regulation at the Federal and State level
  • Recent developments regarding PFAS breakdown and their impact on future PFAS work
  • PFAS treatment case studies for public water systems

Complementary Use of Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and other Technologies for Accurate Assessment of Current, and Prediction of Future Performance of Concrete Bridge Decks (1 CPC)

This session will be led by Nenad Gucunski, Professor and Chairman of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rutgers University

Effective and economical management of bridges depend on the accurate assessment of their current condition and prediction of their future performance. Among all the bridge components, reinforced concrete decks, in most cases, deteriorate the fastest. The complexity of deterioration processes requires the application of multiple nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and other technologies to accurately describe the condition, and likely causes of deterioration. 

In this session, you’ll listen to an overview of the benefits stemming from periodical multi-NDE technology surveys for bridge management, especially from the use of rapid and automated data collection and analysis processes.

Virtual Design and Construction Methodologies (1 CPC)

This session will be led by Aditi Patel, fellow PE and Vice President of LiRo’s Virtual Design Construction & Operations Department.

Explore the use of Virtual Design and Construction methodologies in all phases of a project life cycle. Emerging technologies such as Reality Capture combined with Building Information Modeling could be successfully implemented in Design, Pre-Construction, Construction and Maintenance of facilities more efficiently, to reduce costs and increase accuracy of the information driving critical project decisions. 

This presentation will discuss:

  • The use of cutting-edge technology to help inform the design process
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Solving critical coordination challenges early on to prevent expensive errors later
  • Enhanced project controls
  • Closeout and handover workflows.

NJSPE members and government employees are offered discounted rates for this opportunity. Learn more about the webinar here and get registered today! 

More on Continuing Education 

The State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors have outlined requirements for continuing education for license renewal for PE’s. For your convenience, NJSPE offers educational resources that include in-person, electronic, and in-office courses. NJSPE is committed to providing courses in and around the tri-state area that will cater to those with multiple licenses and differing state requirements. View our full course catalog here

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