Robotics Engineering and Automation in Manufacturing

Oct 24, 2023

Robotics engineering and automation is changing the face of manufacturing across the globe. With its ability to increase efficiency while reducing costs, more and more we are turning to robots […]

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Biomedical Engineering Innovations

Oct 11, 2023

Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering. With a 27% increase in recent years (according to the Bureau of Labor 2021), there have been new innovations […]

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Space Exploration and Aerospace Engineering

Sep 27, 2023

Ever since mankind first launched a rocket into the stars, engineers have been on the forefront of space exploration. From the latest missions and technologies to materials development and manufacturing, […]

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Sustainability in Civil Engineering Projects: Balancing Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

Aug 18, 2023

The engineering landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, placing sustainability at the forefront of projects and design. In an era marked by environmental concerns and resource constraints, engineers are tasked […]

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Sustainability in Engineering

Aug 01, 2023

As the global population looks to rise to 10 billion people by 2050, the demand for sustainable engineering practices has never been higher. The engineers of tomorrow will play a […]

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The Power of Engineering to Make a Difference

Jul 17, 2023

From health to technology, transport to the environment, engineering impacts every aspect of our daily lives. Engineering uses design, creativity, and specialized skills to design and build systems and structures […]

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How Apple’s Vision Pro will Impact Engineering

Jun 21, 2023

“Tomorrow’s engineering, today.” – Tim Cook, CEO of Apple on the Apple Vision Pro. What is the Apple Vision Pro? The Apple Vision Pro has the potential to change the […]

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New Study Could Help Unlock Improved Batteries for Electric Vehicles and Aviation

Jun 13, 2023

As the world continues to transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the demand for efficient and long-lasting batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and aviation is at an all-time […]

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Governor Murphy Announces Filing of Landmark Inland Flood Protection Rule

Jun 08, 2023

TRENTON – Governor Phil Murphy today announced the Administration’s upcoming adoption of the landmark Inland Flood Protection Rule to better protect New Jersey’s communities from worsening riverine flooding and stormwater runoff. The rulemaking […]

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Nurturing Future Engineers: High School Programs and New Jersey Initiatives

Jun 01, 2023

Engineering is a field that offers endless opportunities for problem-solving, innovation, and impact. To ensure a strong pipeline of talented engineers, it is crucial to start nurturing students’ interest and […]

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